Credit Card Verification

Credit Card Pre-Authorization

When you initially place an order with us, we perform a pre-authorization on your credit card.  This pre-authorization allocates a portion of your credit card's line of credit towards your purchase from us.  If we do not use this pre-authorization for some reason, (You cancelled the order, We were sold out of the item, etc.) the pre-authorized amount will be restored to your credit card's line of credit in 7-14 days.

Credit Card Verification

This pre-authorization is used to verify that the billing address, phone number, and email you've provided match the information the bank has associated with the form of payment you're using.  One of our Order Analysts may contact you if we can't verify this information.

International Credit Cards

If you are using an international credit card, we are required to take additional verification steps.  We require the credit card phone number on all international orders. 

Small Charge Verification

What we do:

  • We charge your credit card an amount greater than $0, but less than $3.00USD.
  • Contact you via phone or email informing you that we have assessed the small charge.

What you do:

  • Contact the bank associated with that credit card to learn the exact amount of the small charge.  It will show up as a charge by  It does not have to be in US dollars, we can perform the conversion.
  • Call us at (800) 693-6368 to confirm the charge and finish processing your order. You can also send an email to Customer Service with your name, order number, and small charge amount included in the body of the email.

Why we do it:

  • This process is the easiest way to confirm that you have the credit card in your hands, know your account number and bank information, and are in good standing with your bank.  Once we have confirmed your card, you won?t be asked to go through this process to place future orders.